About Us

Bozok Defense operates in defence and aviation and medical sectors. Bozok Defense, proud to serve the Aerospace Industry, continues to improve itself in the fields of Design, Simulation, Analysis, Pre-mass Production and Mass Production within the framework of its R&D approach. We are working with leading companies in the defence sector such as Tübitak Sage, Tübitak Uzay, Aselsan, Havelsan and Roketsan.

Our aim is to contribute to the defence and aerospace industry in our country especially in domestic and national production by delivering the products to the defence industry within the time and cost planned in time.

OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, ISO 14000 certification processes are in operation and AS 9100D certification works are in progress. In this context, we continue to increase our production capability.

As Bozok Defense Medical and Engineering;

-Air vehicle cooling systems,

- Air vehicle hydraulic systems,

- Mechanical integration projects of defence systems,

-Industrial robot arm systems,

- Connectors according to MIL-DTL-83513 and MIL-DTL-38999 military standards,

- Stacking systems used in the iron and steel industry,

-Electro-mechanical device design,

- Flexible production line design,

-General machine design and production,

-Heat and flow analysis,

-PCB design,

-Software development,

We continue to work in such areas.


Abdurrahim Nazlım

Senior Mechanical Engineer, General Manager

  • To meet changing and evolving customer needs on time and in the best way.
  • By closely following and implementing the technological developments that will ensure the increase of profitability and decreasing expenses by increasing the quality.
  • The fact that every staff member based on information security and we operate within our company has full control of our work, our sensitivity to the environment, to prioritize the concepts of quality and health.
  • To raise the knowledge and welfare level of its employees.
  • Integrated management system and ensuring legal compliance, implementation, effectiveness and continuous improvement.
  • To follow the technological developments and legal regulations closely with expert staff in order to meet the increasing and changing customer demands, to increase the service quality and to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • To prevent accidents by complying with occupational health and safety rules and instructions, minimizing risks with our trained and experienced staff.
  • To use the available resources effectively and efficiently by committing to fulfill our compliance obligations.
  • To prevent pollution and to reduce resource in order to reduce negative environmental effects.
  • Seeing team spirit and team work understanding as one of the main elements of our company culture.
  • Making the services we undertake perfectly.
  • With the trainings to be provided to the personnel, to solve the job by using new technologies in an accurate time and every time.
  • To be a leading organization by taking the principle of continuous development as a principle and by producing new techniques.
  • Continuous improvement and development of our business and system constitute the basic principles of our company and is committed to continuing the development of the quality system by giving importance to education.



A properly implemented quality assurance prevents existing inefficiencies and avoids costs such as rejection or use of defective material, rising stock levels, delayed payments, re-shipment costs, poor service, scrap and rework. The basis of managing this process is to effectively use the integrated quality management system tools. The management processes carried out in our company;

ISO 9001- Quality Management System

ISO 14001- Environmental Management System

TS 18001- Occupational Health and Safety Management System

ISO 27001- Information Security and Management System

AS 9100- International Space and Aviation Quality Standard studies continue.